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Schlarman's Health Brand Vitamins

We understand that it is often difficult to decide which products and supplement brand can best help you achieve optimal health. You rely upon our experience and high standards to help guide you. After an extensive search, we chose a manufacturer making products we are proud to put our name on. They use the world's best ingredients, produce innovative formulas and manufacture our products with strict quality controls. They do all this at affordable prices and a great value to you!

Five Reasons Our Brand Has Few Rivals:

  1. Made From the World's Most Trusted Ingredients

    The choice of ingredients is one of the most critical parts of making dietary supplements. Fortunately, our manufacturer has developed alliances with the world's leading ingredient manufacturers. Unlike most ingredient suppliers, these companies perform research to ensure the effectiveness of their ingredients. And over 50 of these ingredients are protected by U.S. patents and trademarks!

  2. Highly Innovative and Science-Based Products

    Our products stand out from the crowd because the development process is driven by innovation. In many cases, we are the first brand to introduce a new, emerging product. The development team continually searches for the latest discoveries and uses the information to carefully choose the right amount of each ingredient. This has a significant advantage over competitors who use inadequate amounts to save money, which ultimately leads to an ineffective product and dissatisfaction. Our philosophy delivers the health benefits you expect.

  3. Our product is GMP Certified

    Our manufacturer has been GMP Certified by the Natural Products Association and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) throughout the entire company.

  4. Our Products Are Laboratory Tested

    Before the start of the manufacturing process, our raw materials undergo several lab tests to guarantee that we start with high quality materials. Then, at the end, our finished products are tested by independent, FDA inspected labs. Our products are also tested for Disintegration to ensure that the products will dissolve properly in the body.

  5. We are Built on Transparency

    The source of many ingredients is disclosed right on the label, and in our product literature. We believe this kind of openness is critical for buildig and maintaining your trust.

We take pride in featuring products that contain the most trusted ingredients in the world. Our products are highly innovative and scientifically formulated. For these and other important reasons, we believe that our brand of supplements has few rivals in the marketplace!

Other Great Products

Enzymatic Therapy

Quality is our top priority Enzymatic Therapy, with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications from two leading agencies, and an organically certified, certifed kosher and Parve manufacturing facility, we are a pioneer of science-based supplement development with a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality.

Many of our supplements use extracts as ingredients. We use a variety of extraction processes, including: hot water extraction, alcohol extraction and super critical CO2 extraction. However, we do not accept raw material extracted with solvents that have shown adverse health effects.

Have you thought about a cleanse, but wondered how your life will change? It'll certainly be different than your usual routine, but that's part of the point, too. During a cleanse, you'll be reducing your caffeine intake, eating whole, unprocessed foods, and giving your system a bit of a break from the usual. Discover more about starting your cleanse journey and the road to rejuvenation.

Your doctor may have recommended products because when results matter as much as they do for you, your doctor wants to make sure you're benefiting from a proven safe and effective coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) product. Often, people choose readily available products that promise to improve health, but offer no proof or benefits. And in some cases, may even cause you harm. That's why your doctor may have recommended us - to keep you safe. And to show you that there's a product that is so effective, you'll feel the difference.

We believe in unrelenting laboratory testing and support of patented and well-researched products. We stay on the cutting edge by virtue of our participation in industry methods development. And we publish our research in scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

The results are a family of products whose efficacy is based on scientifically valid secondary research, or our own primary research.

Such efforts clearly outshine what is typical in an industry where little is required but so much is expected. We've done the homework. Use our products with absolute confidence. Click Here to view a complete list of products below.

New Chapter

Most people would agree that taking a daily multivitamin is a good idea – it's often referred to as an "insurance policy" for covering nutritional gaps left by a less than optimal diet.

New Chapter® believes a daily multi can be much more than a nutrient backstop. In fact, we believe our Organic, Whole-Food Multi's can serve as the foundation of your complete nutrition program – with multiple benefits in support of your overall health and wellness.

New Chapter believes that simply avoiding deficiency misses a major opportunity to promote wellness. So we set each nutrient's potency level in our Multi's based upon supporting optimal health, not just overcoming nutrient deficiency.

New Chapter's food-formulation team, led by master herbalist Paul Schulick and comprising leading naturopathic and nutritional experts, formulates each nutrient level in our Multi's with consideration of daily intake of each nutrient absorbed from food. This conscious and detailed review of each nutrient delivered in our Multi's results in a specialized supplemental food product that promotes vitality and wellness while honoring the first formulation philosophy of New Chapter: do no harm.

All of our vitamin + mineral + herb supplements are initially cultured with probiotics – the beneficial organisms every body needs – transforming each nutrient into a whole-food complex your body easily recognizes and absorbs. Using proprietary, dual-stage culturing technology, New Chapter cultures its vitamins and minerals in a matrix of fermented organic soy, fruits, and vegetables, and this biotransforms them to produce life-enhancing Probiotic Nutrients™. Unlike conventional multivitamins.

In keeping with our commitment to evolve towards greater transparency, we have contracted with third party certifier, Global ID, to assess our supply chain according to their ProTerra standards for socially responsible and environmentally conscious sourcing. This continual and complex process reflects our intention to honor planetary and human well-being through our business practices. Click Here to view a complete list of products below.


What's motivating all the activity on the Barlean's family farm in Ferndale? The realization that 8 out of 10 Americans are deficient in essential fats, called Omega-3 fatty acids. The health consequences of this nutritional deficiency are extensive. Health authorities, such as Artemis Simopoulos M.D., author of The Omega Plan, indicate disorders such as heart and blood vessel disease, eye problems such as dry eyes and macular degeneration, mood and behavior problems such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and lupus, skin problems such as psoriasis, and even cancer, may materialize from this common nutritional deficiency.

According to health food stores across the country, Barlean's produces the finest and best selling nutritional lipids products.

It is Barlean's philosophy that natural food products such as flaxseed oil must be manufactured and delivered to market as fresh as possible. Barlean's Fresh ExPress is the way they press and ship their oils to market. First, they Press on Demand. This is to say that your product is fresh pressed and packaged the very day your store places its Barlean's order. The product is then shipped the next day via UPS Air by which it arrives to your local store just days after pressing. Because Barlean's does not subject us to minimum orders, we are able to order more frequently, ensuring you that Barlean's is the freshest flax oil out there!

As part of Barlean's commitment to offering the freshest products, you will notice that their products are stamped with a 6-month freshness date compared to other products that are stamped with as much as a one-year shelf life. At Barlean's, they recognize that the competitor's products are no more shelf-stable than theirs, but they are committed to providing the freshest products on the store shelf. The use of third-party distributors impedes rapid delivery and minimal expiration dating. Think about it, would you consider eating a year old apple, banana, egg or dairy product? Could Barlean's date their oil products for year expiration dates? Sure. Do they? No. When it comes to health, fresh is best. Click Here to view a complete list of products below.

Trace Mineral Research (TMR)

For over 35 years, Trace Mineral Research (TMR) products have been recognized around the world as the pioneer of ionic trace mineral products that have supported consumers in living healthy lives. During that time, TMR has remained committed to six core values:

  1. Uncompromised quality that our customers can depend on
  2. Unmatched service that keeps our customers smiling
  3. Continued revenue growth through innovation and product development
  4. Educational pursuits resulting in a more-informed consumer
  5. Leadership within our industry
  6. Loyalty and fairness to our trusted employees and business partners

TMR stands by these principles and believe they will help improve the world in which we live.

Quality has always been a top priority at TMR. Throughout the years, TMR has been vigilant in improving our manufacturing processes.Trace Mineral Research is GMP certified. GMP certification shows customers, retailers and international buyers that TMR is committed to producing safe products of high quality. They are constantly looking for new technologies and research to help improve their manufacturing processes, and their products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality and safety.

Acid-A-Cal (100 caps) Acid-Ease (90 and 180 veg caps) Acidophilus Pearls (30 and 90 caps)
ActiFruit (20 soft chews) ActivLife Q10 Ubiquinol (100 mg/ 30 and 60 softgels) ADRENergize (50 caps)
Air-Power (100 tabs) AM/PM Menopause Formula (60 tabs) AM/PM Perimenopause Formula (60 tabs)
Aqua-Flow (90 veg caps) Artery Advantage (30 tabs) Artichoke Extract (45 tabs)
Asparagus Extract (60 veg caps) B12 Infusion (30 chewables) Better Bladder for Men (60 softgels)
Better Bladder for Women (30 tabs) Better Veins (60 caps) Biotin Forte 3mg with Zinc (60 tabs)
Blood Sugar Manager (60 tabs) Bronchial Soothe (100 ml) Calcium (180 tabs)
Chaste Berry Extract (60 veg caps) Cherry Fruit Extract (90 and 180 caps) Cholesterol Shield (90 tabs)
Complete Liver Cleanse (84 veg caps) Complete Metal Cleanse (30 veg caps) CompleteGest (90 and 180 veg caps)
CoQ10 (100mg/ 30,60 and 120 softgels) CoQ10 (50mg/ 60 and 120 softgels) Derma Klear Akne Treatment Soap (3oz)
Derma Klear Akne-Zyme (90 caps) DGL ULTRA Germ. Choc. (90 chewables) Doctor's Choice 45+ Women (180 tabs)
Doctor's Choice 50+ Men (120 tabs) Doctor's Choice Antioxidant (90 caps) Doctor's Choice Eye Formula (90 tabs)
Doctor's Choice Female Teens (120 tabs) Doctor's Choice for Diabetics (90 tabs) Doctor's Choice Male Teens (120 tabs)
Doctor's Choice Men (90 tabs) Doctor's Choice Prenatal Formula (120 tabs) Doctor's Choice Women (90 tabs)
Energizing Iron (90 softgels) Energizing Iron w/ Eleuthero (90 softgels) Esberitox (100 and 200 chewables)
Eskimo-3 Double Strength 1000mg (90 softgels) Eskimo-3 Fish Oil (500 mg/105 & 225 gels) Eskimo-3 Liquid Fish Oil-Citrus Flavor (3.5oz)
Estrobalance (60 tabs) Fatigued to Fantastic! Daily Energy B Complex (30 & 120 veg caps) Fatigued to Fantastic! End Pain (90 tabs)
Fatigued to Fantastic! Energy Revitalization System, including B complex- Berry Splash (30 day) Fatigued to Fantastic! Revitalizing Sleep Formula (30 & 90 veg caps) Femtrol (90 veg caps)
Fiber Fusion (120 veg caps) Fiber Fusion Incrediberry (5.8 oz powdered drink mix) Fiber Fusion- Lemon (4.9 oz. drink mix)
Garlinase FRESH (30 and 100 tabs) Gluten Defense (120 veg caps) GS-500 (120 and 180 veg caps)
GS-500 & Chondroitin (60 tabs) GS-750 (120 tabs) GugulPlus (90 tabs)
Hair & Skin Nutrition (90 softgels) HDL Booster (120 tabs) Heartburn Free w/ROH10 (10 softgels)
Hem-Care (90 caps) HexaNiacin Inositol Hexaniacinate-Flush free (60 veg caps) Holy Basil Trinity Blend (60 softgels)
Hot Plants for Her (60 veg caps) Hot Plants for Him (60 veg caps) Ivy Extract (90 tabs)
L-Carnitine, Vitaline (60 caps) L-Theanine (60 and 180 veg caps) Laxative-3 Blend (60 tabs)
Liv-A-Tox (90 tabs) Mega-Zyme (100 and 200 tablets) Metabolic Advantage (180 caps)
Milk Thistle X (60 veg caps) MSM 1000mg (180 tabs) MSM w/ GS-500 (90 and 180 veg caps)
Myo-Tone (80 tabs) OsteoPrime (120 veg caps) OsteoPrime Plus (120 tabs)
Pearls Elite (30 caps) Pearls IC (30 and 90 caps) Pearls Immune (30 caps)
Pearls Kids (30 caps) Pearls YB (30 caps) Peppermint Plus (60 softgels)
Petadolex Fast-Acting (10 softgels) PMS Symptom Free (120 tabs) Pro-Gest-Ade (90 tabs)
Prostate Advantage (120 softgels) Protazyme (100 tabs) Protective Breast Formula (60 tabs)
Quick Renewal 5-day Cleanse (5-Days) Remember! (60 veg caps) Remifemin (120 tabs)
Remifemin Good Night (21 tabs) Resveratrol-Forte (60 caps) Sleep Tonight! (28 tabs)
SMART Q10 CoQ10 Maple, Chocolate and Orange Creme (100mg/30 chew tabs) SMART Q10 CoQ10-Maple (60mg/30 chews) Stress-End (90 veg caps)
Super Milk Thistle (60 and 120 veg caps) Sweet Defense (120 caps) Tart Cherry Ultra (90 veg caps)
Thymulus (60 caps) ThymuPlex (50 caps) Ultimate Iron (90 softgels)
Ultra Ginkgo (120 veg caps) VariCare (90 tabs) ViraPlex (80 tabs)
Vitamin D3- 1000 IU (90 tabs) Whole Body Cleanse (2 weeks) Whole Body Stress Cleanse (10 days)
Whole Body Yeast Balance (10 days) Whole Heart Multivitamin (120 tabs) Yeast Balance (90 softgels)
Youthful You DHEA 5mg (60 veg caps)
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New Chapter
Berry Green (180g and 90 Vcaps) Blood Pressure Take Care (30 Vcaps) Bone Strength Take Care (60 and 120 Tabs)
Broccolive Plus (30 and 90 Vcaps) C Food Complex (90 and 180 tabs) CalMag Bone Health (90 and 180 tabs)
Candida Take Care (30 Vcaps) Cinnamonforce (60 and 120 softgels) Coenzyme B Food Complex (90 and 180 tabs)
CoQ10+ Food Complex (30 and 60 Vcaps) Daily Ginger Extract (1 and 2 fl. oz) Digestion Ginger Honey Tonic
E & Selenium Food Complex (60 Vcaps) Estrotone (60 and 120 softgels) Every Man (48 tabs)
Every Man II (48 tabs) Every Man's One Daily (24 tabs) Every Woman (48 tabs)
Every Woman II (48 tabs) Every Woman's Iron Support (60 tabs) Every Woman's One Daily (48 tabs)
Garlicforce (30 softgels) Gingerforce (30 softgels) Green & White Tea Force (60 Vcaps)
GTF Chromium Complex (60 tabs) Headache Take Care (30 softgels) Histamine Take Care (30 lozenges)
Immunity Take Care (14 and 30 lozenges) Lifeshield Breathe (60 Vcaps) Lifeshield Cordyceps (60 Vcaps)
Lifeshield Immunity (60 Vcaps) Lifeshield Liver Force (60 Vcaps) Lifeshield Mind Force (60 Vcaps)
Lifeshield Reishi (60 Vcaps) LycoPom (30 Vcaps) Mood Take Care (30 softgels)
Neurozyme (60 softgels) Only One (30 and 60 tabs) Perfect Prenatal (48 and 96 tabs)
Probiotic All-Flora (2.14 oz.) Probiotic All-Flora (60 and 120 Vcaps) Probiotic Cleanse (90 Vcaps)
Prostate 5LX (60 and 120 softgels) Rhodiolaforce 300mg (30 Vcaps) St. John's SC27 (30 softgels)
Supercritical Antioxidants (60 softgels) Supercritical Holy Basil (60 and 120 softgels) Supercritical Omega 7 (30 softgels)
Supercritical Oreganoforce (30 softgels) Supercritical Sinus & Respiratory (30 softgels) Supercritical Stress Advantage (60 softgels)
Tiny Tabs Multi (240 tabs) Tranquilinite Plus (30 softgels) Turmericforce (60 softgels)
Wholemega (1000/ 60 and 120 softgels) Zinc Food Complex (60 tabs) Zyflamend (60 and 120 softgels)
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Berry Greens (large) 9.4 oz Blackberry Flax Oil Swirl 16 oz Brevail 30 day pack
Chocolate/Raspberry Essential Women Swirl 16 oz Cinnamon Flax Oil 12 oz Coconut Oil
Essential Women 12 oz Essential Women 60 sgels Essential Women 120 sgels
Forti-Flax, Milled Flax Seed 16 oz Kid?s Lemonade Fish Oil Swirl 8oz Lemon Zest Fish Oil Swirl 16 oz
Lignan Flax Oil 12 oz Lignan Flax Oil 16 oz Lignan Flax Oil 32 oz
Lignan Flax Oil 100 sgels Lignan Flax Oil 250 sgels Mango Peach Fish Oil Swirl 16 oz
Olive Leaf Compl, Peppermint 8oz Olive Leaf Compl, Peppermint 16oz Omega Burst Chews 30 count
Omega Man 120 sgels Orange Cream Total Omega Swirl 16 oz Orange Flavor Fish Oil 8oz
Orange Flavor Fish Oil 100 sgels Orange Flavor Fish Oil 250 sgels Organic Evening Primrose Oil 60 sgels
Organic Evening Primrose Oil 120 sgels Pina Colada Fish Oil Swirl 16 oz Pomegranate/Blueberry Total Omega Vegan Swirl 16 oz
Strawberry/Banana Flax Oil Swirl 16 oz Total Omega 16 oz Total Omega 90 sgels
Total Omega 180 sgels
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